Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 Things That I Love Right Now That Have Nothing To Do With Two Glasses Of Wine

1. Frozen Snickers Bars - omagod, have you ever tried one?! How about just a third of one?! They are aMAzing!!!!!!!

2. My New Snickers Belt - A girl that I know made me a belt - wait for it - made out of snickers bars. Well, the wrappers. And plastic. And a buckle. And a bunchaotherstuff BUT it is awesome! She also gave me three (3) of the snickers in a small plastic baggy which I then froze (see point number 1).

3. Parks & Recreation - And no, not just cause of the wine. Big part of it, though.

4. Fiona Apple - J.H.C. that bitch is amazing.

5. Finally convincing someone else that Chelsea Lately is amazing - Thank God for aw (her initials, not otomatopeia). She gets me and my me-isms.

Tomorrow when I'm a bit hung over at work I will compile a list of 5 Things That I Hate Right Now That Have Nothing To Do With The Fact That I'm A Dumbass That Drank Two Glasses Of Wine On A Weeknight. And it will actually be funny. Maybe.

1 comment:

Pat Tillett said...

That's too damn funny...but really, only two glasses of wine has you hallucinating? LOL