Thursday, January 05, 2006


I have come to the somewhat troublesome realization that while I enjoy my life very organized I lack any desire to act in a manner that would make it so. So while I love a tidy and aesthetically pleasant bedroom, my consistant laziness and procrastination does not allow such luxurious. I feel this is a tangible metaphor for my life. Take my blog for example: I started now fewer than three entries at work and e-mailed them to myself for completion. However, once I'm out of that 'zone' I loose all interest. I am left with feelings of guilt, loss, and general ickiness.
Here are some highlights from The Lost Blog Entries:

"I think I am losing all sympathy for person kind. Granted I was never entrusted with a great affinity for them in the first place, but what little pathos they could conjure is exponentially disappearing with every tabloid magazine cover that I see. I've been thinking a great deal about the notion of celebrity lately and how absolutely inane it is that we spend so much of what little mental output we have on these figures that we have never met. In fact, other than the 'art' that they produce, we have no real proof of their existence (see Recycling conspiracy from the September Archives)."

"I hate when people refer to me by my first name. It's one thing as a salutation or a farewell or even to get my attention. However, I hate - HATE - when it's used in any sort of "Well, David..." or "Bliddy-bliddy blah blah bloo, David" instance. It's so fucking condesending"

Ok, so they're not all winners.

So the whole winter break was a fair amount of good with quite a lot of crap. I'd say a 40-60 ratio. Enough to put be squarely back into my 7/10 place.

The Good:

-Amy's in town from Vancouver.
-Gabi's Christmas party at which I was more inebriated than I had been since high school.
-Spending three days at Amy's for Christmas.
-Changing the way I eat and the consequent positive results I've seen. I don't think I've been this size since high school.
-Making lots of money at the government.
-Starting my responsabilities as ass. vocal director for Chai and the lovely sense of inclusion and importance that accompanied it.
-The first half of the New Years Eve rave.

The Bad:

-My final opera workshop rehearsal before break at which I was dubbed the weakest link. Ouch.
-My mother's increasingly harpie-like nature.
-Finding out that I have some 'incidental' inflammation in my brain around my inner ear which my or may not be contributing to my increasingly wonky lack of balance.
-My neurologists suggestion that I try a round of IV treatments at the end of the month. Details will follow.
-My brother's NYE party at which some thugs went into my room and stole my jewellery as well as an undeposited pay check which needed to be immediately stopped and reissued.
-The second half of the NYE rave and the theft of my bag and personal effects, including my mother's car keys and clicker that I now have to pay $200 to have fixed as well as my consequent realization that I'm done raving until the spring due to my utter loathing of indoor venues.

So that's it pour maintenant. I will get back to my normal routine and perhaps even tidy my room, literally and otherwise.

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Michael Park said...

I like the random bits of blogging... i think you should start posting the snippets whether they be done or not... then perhaps when you actually post them, try and create links between them... give some function to otherwise cut and pasting.
Sorry to hear your break was not so hot. At least it means you;ll be happy to be back... in theory....hmm, lemme know how that works out