Monday, January 23, 2006

God, I feel like shit.

Started the IV treatments today. Five fun-filled hours sitting in a plastic-covered recliner and now I feel utterly trashed. Kind of like hung-over minus the headache more with the dull pain of the impossibly thin plastic tube currently stuck in my wrist. It's makes my whole fore arm feel like there's tiny ice crystals inbedded there within. But not in a cool, refreshing way. It's an IV, not a Listerine Pocket Pack. The nurse said I could take it out if it was bothering me, but there is no way I could pull it out. There is not enough ecstacy in the world to make me optimistc enough to do that. I feel like an Elliott Smith song: a somewhat lovely little wit of a thing that is secretly just sick, sick, sick.

So I just feel like crap and this damn election is just compounding it. We're so fucking dumb. All these morons are talking about punishing the Liberals. First of all, it's a political party, not a shitzu. And really, what are you punishing them for? Eliminating the debt? Keep the country in an economic boom? No, we hate them because they gave one drop of water to from the bucket to their friends. That's like me giving a buck to my friend instead of giving it to the United Way. Was it right? No. Is it something over which it's worth electing facists? Um, yeah, probably not. And yet...

I kinda want to die a little. Like, say until Thursday.

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Michael Park said...

Hi, this is Michael feeling bad about not being able to keep up to date on people's lives and not being able to find reference to why exactly you are drugging it up with the IV's? I just need a little clarification, whether it be on here or in person.