Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What the fuck is a blog?


So today I'm sitting on my much beloved 78 bus having random musings about the world around me when someone from my past walks on. Oh, kids - it's not that ominous. It's just some kid I went to daycare with. About a month ago, I was on the bus and staring at this guy, about 18, not unpretty but mostly just nervous looking. A love m'self the nervous ones. I was studying his face in what I can assure you was a purely scientific, non-ogling way, when suddenly it his me that I had gone to day care with this kid ten years ago, when he still wore sweat outfits from superstore (I'm happy to report that he's now moved on to plain-front khakis from Mark's Work Wearhouse...God bless). I turn to my friends and debated for a good quarter of an hour whether or not to accost this seemingly meek young man. Naturally, I do. He is baffled as to how I know his name before realizing in equals parts confusion and dismay that I recognized him, unlike the reaction one might have to discovering a purple hair in your soup. "Oh weird, it's purple...but gah, that's troubling." I think it was partially that he is socially akward and partly because my stunning good looks both baffled and emasculated him. In any case, it was a good time for me, and Alex - his name is Alex - where ever you are, I love you man.

Ok, so that was about a month ago, and saw him again today, still wearing those khakis and I burst into a grin as he came on the bus. Upon noticing me, he chose the closest spot in which to seat and avoided making eye contact by "reading" his "sociology text book", although occasional paripheral glances suggested that he was undressing me with his mind, if not his khakis.

I thought to myself, "You know, I really need to tell this shit to, cause my friends, while very good at the nod-and-smile, are clearly tired of these pointless anecdotes. I simply must find another outlet," and since therapists are way too expensive and I'm already very introspective, I thought I would allow you, Soon To Be Loyal Readers, to be my not-so-deaf ears.

God speed


Unity said...

Your blog is sexy. I'm so glad you caved. I call dibs on being your #1 fan. If you don't update atleast twice a week, I will kill myself.

Michael said...

I am SO not sick of anecdotes, and how could I ever become so... Tell me more!
Golly you are whiny on here, but I love you for it.