Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Well I really don't have anything overly ranty to discuss, but I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who lent me their support during the Great Jury Meltdown of 2005. It was lovely to hear from friends, both past and present, and it really helped talk me down, which is fortunate because by all accounts it went fairly well. My teacher has given me the hush-hush, under-the-table, unofficial thumbs up, so hopefully that will be confirmed next week.

For the past several months, I've been exposed for the first time to Indie Rock and have taken quite a shine to it. The Killers, Interpol, Elliott Smith, The Bravery, etc...they all get me tingley in good places and it finally occured to me why; after nearly 20 years of essentially listening to 'feminized' music (Broadway, classical-crossover) sung mostly by female vocalists, I've finally found a male-dominated (hetero) genre of music that I can identify with. Essentially all these men have attitudes through their music that glorify heterosexuality for me. They aren't immature infants (punk), or whiney trailer trash (metal), or misogynistic, violent miscreants (hip-hop). These guys are emotive, intelligent people that can confront both masculine and feminine forces, and fuse them together as much of them do with their music (electric guitars + New Wave synths). Above all they're respectful and they create beautiful, soulful sound. Let's hear it for the boys.

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Stephen said...

Okay, so I wrote this on my hipster PDA on the bus, while thinking about creating a hipster blog.
I send all of my apologies for not posting my well-wishes for your jury on your last entry. I was possibly too busy getting drunk at 10:30am. However, I was glad to get drunker with you later on and hear that your jusry went well.
[Here's the part where I started talking about how cool my hipster PDA is!]
Honestly--My hipster PDA is brilliant. I can compose e-mails, blog postings, writing notes everywhere w/o a computer. In fact, thinking of a hipster blog I will compose messages in my "outbox" and give 'em to people in real life. What's more, you can compose in "real" time using your hipster PDA on the bus, etc. Perhaps you can do these things with a real PDA, but hipster analogue media is the way to go!

See, I can now file this under "received" in my hipster laptop. YES!

[For those of you who are unaware of what a hipster PDA is, see Saturdays Globe and Mail. People have started to decide that expensive PDAs are unneccessary, and are using recipe cards clipped together with binder clips to take notes and make to do lists and stuff. They fit really well in your back pocket, as long as you don't need like a whole stack of cards--10 or 12 at a time will do. My hipster laptop is my new elaborate note-taking system. Oh, and David, I think an abacus or a slide rule would be much more appropriate than a "calculator"]