Sunday, April 10, 2005

Ok, this is why they hate us.

Well, maybe it isn't why they hate us exactly, but it sure as hell isn't helping.

I just read an article on about a gay pornography company that went around various Michigan universities recruiting and filming students on campus. ( Essentially, this company, MidwestXBois, would arrive on a campus, and post flyers everywhere asking for models that would be paid between fifty and three hundred dollars, depending on (I'm guessing) the degree of the acts they perform. That is so...wrong! Like, I'm not anti-pornography; in fact, I think sometimes it can be a very benificial alternative to promescuity. That said, there are ways of to do things, and things to be considered while doing them, and it appears that no attention was paid to either of these points.

Now, the (religious) right already hate us, right? Really though, they hate anything to do with sex, even hetero sex, so they'd be appalled either way and that is essentially why the two sides are going to take a hella-long time to see eye to eye; what sets GLBT people apart is their sexuality. That's a given. But when the only thing that sets you apart is something that is already feared and oppressed, you will 'naturally' be oppressed as well. We have to work that much harder because they hate sexuality and we, by way of requesting equal treatment, are somehow glorifying it.

However, I am personally appalled because what these people don't get is that they are essentially taking fourty years of civil rights and trying to shove it up the collective conservative ass, and they fail to see how amazingly counterproductive - not to mention offensive - that is. Because going into a place of higher learning and trying to drag the institution down to the basest level of humanity is exactly what the right needs. I accept the fact that within any civil rights movement there has to be a certain amount of "Fuck you!" to really get anywhere, but this is completely pandering to their image of gays as sex-obsessed animals with every intent to distroy their society, and if they were to solely cite this incident, they wouldn't appear to be wrong.


Unity said...

Non blog-post-related question.

Attempting to set you up with unbearably adorable blond twink from work.

Good idea or bad?

Lysander said...

If he won't deliver conversation more stunted than a caffeine addicted dwarf, than sure.