Friday, April 29, 2005

Now for a bunch o' randoms:

I cannot escape school.

Despite the fact that I have now completed all my academic work, including what I think is an extremely creative history final, I still live at that schatazi university. We're doing this very modern children's opera based on the stories of the Brothers Grimm, and despite the fact that it's only 45 minutes and I don't even have the biggest part, it has infested my sense and sensibility. Still, it's a chance to hang with three of my zuddies (yeah, that's "z" not "b". Oh, I went there.)

Oh...mah...gahd...I...hayt...Chai. Well not really. K, a little. It's more our - and I use this word loosely - vocal director, and her inability to do anything properly. Like, in life. Ok, well just Chai then. She can't run a rehearsal by herself. Yesterday I called her to let her known that I had too much school work to do (aka going to Xtina's BBQ), and she cancelled the rehearsal. Granted, I was not to be the only one absent, but she still could have worked the music with the other three if it were not for the fact that, what? She can't read music? Bah? She can't play the piano? FUFENCATASHIBONINONANES? The artistic director has admited to me that she stabbed herself in the foot by letting this chick be a director? FUCKING MAYBE! . . .Whatever. The tides will turn. They always do. And I just have to keep being all PC about it (save for publishing my grievances online) and it'll right itself.

My birthday is next week for those of you that I haven't had "May 4th" tattooed on yet. I'm not sure why birthdays are such a big deal to me. At first I thought it was purely ego, that I love the attention, etc. But you know what? It's a big part of it. No, kidding. Honestly, I just don't think we celebrate each other enough, and that's a shame. So, say birthdays were a big deal; everyone would break even on praise and gifts, but aren't both of those things SO much better when they come from someone who isn't you?

I was thinking this morning about the people that I have befriended over the past several years, and I realized last night as I was sitting in Christina's basement with shelves full of bible stories for kids surrounded by these rural kids singing and dancing to "Fishing in the Dark" that this is so not where I ever expected to be, and yet for the life of me I cannot fathom any other group of people that I could connect to more. We just accept each other, move on, and have a hella-good time playing Twister under black light. Then I though about the people that I know that are, well, more similar to me in upbringing, humours, lifestyle (in the broad sense), and how I have very few in my life. Hell, I've even lost a few from my life. Perhaps, there are reasons that those with whom we "should" be close can't last, as much as I wish they could ; maybe sometimes it's just too much.

Lastly, I fully entend to elaborate on this diatribe when I'm all drunk at 2:00 in the morning and in that "No, I really love you, man" place, but after last night's BBQ, I feel I should reiterate how madly in love I am with all of my friends, even the ones that weren't there, because it got me thinking about the people in my life. Jenn whipped out these photos and in amongst them were a couple of my grad with all of my friends from high school, and I just looked at them and though "Wow, these are the people I now avoid." (Ok, before you get all up in my face: of the people that I know from high school that I think have ever viewed this blog, and there are all of three of you, I don't mean you bitches, so just settle right down) I just can't imagine being in a place where I would not want to be in the midst of my current peeps, and that's way groovy man.


Laura! said...

Ha! I feel the same way about high school too.
Not about you, of course. I love seeing you around.

Unity said...

As if, you whore. As if anything you ever write about your friends in general EVER applies to me. I mean, maybe it sometimes does, but not to this bitch, because I know what I mean to you, and you know what you mean to me. Come what may, you will always be my one and only Christian, and the echo of the songs we sang then will revurberate in my head and in my heart, till the end of time.