Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh, heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy...

Um, Reader, is it? Yes, right. Hi.

How are things?

Gooooood, good. Glad to hear it.

Oh, not much. Just teetering ever close to a nervous breakdown.

Hmmm? Oh. Yes, yes, definitely still drinking my liquid weight in alcohol. Actually, funny you should mention that, cause the darndest thing happened last night. I was making this applecrisp martini and-...yeah, I know, they're REALLY good - anyway, I thought instead of shaking it, I'd drop an ice cube in the martini glass and mix it with a milk frother. So it got all frothy and I was all, I'm molecular gastronemy but not really embodied *church giggles*. So then *birthing-esque howls*... I pick up the glass, right...*panting and tears* and the entire bottom of the glass just falls out and lands on the counter perfectly intac-...

Is that your bus?

No, for totes, go, go... we'll catch up later, like when I have the slightest desire to write again.


You too.

Air kisses.

Ugh, what a dickhead.


soft nonsense said...

Maybe it's just the tremendous amount of sleep that I've been missing out on for, I don't know, the last four months, but that post made my brain twitch a little. So I empathize.

Kama said...

(The Queer Behind the Mirror likes this-- clicks on the "thumbs up" button that doesn't even exist.)


Pat Tillett said...

The roller coaster is a nice ride, but sometimes the predicitability of the merry-go-round feels better in the long run.

take care of yourself...

The Illustrious D said...

I feel we are brothers in blog fatigue.

Facebook gotta start 'like'ing this shit!

No promises. But thanks.