Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mature Conversation

(via text)

Uni-Brow: hey david [sic]. Woke up coldy. Trying to beat it down before break ends. Which means I'm flaking out...Again. I guess you can add it to the list. Sorry.

Illustrious D: Flaking out on what?

UB: Potential hang outs... Shit... Did I just create that in my head...

ID: Sure did. Still going on the list though.

UB: Ha! Fuck. You get rid of snore-zilla already?

UB: Spart-i-snore

UB: The hero of the birth of insomnia. Frank-in-snores [sic] return

ID: [Uni-Brown], you're not Barney Stinson and you never will be. But yes, the snore of Babylon is gone. Enjoy your convalescence.

UB: Ya. Mine were all of poor quality. This is true. But I set you up for the gold medal.

ID: Yeah. You were really a key player in that one.

UB: I just wanna be on a team.

ID: Well, [Brow}, there have been numerous attempts to get you over to my team but you will have none of it. So I don't know what to tell you. But good luck with everything.

UB: Ha. Check mate my friend. Once again you prove you are in a league of your own.

ID: What a lovely way of saying Single With Good Reason. BTdubs, this entire conversation is going on my blog.

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