Thursday, November 24, 2005

I keep coming up with ideas for posts but am subsequently too lazy to actually write them. This attitude pretty much extends to my life. Ok, so a couple house keeping things:

To finish of the Pre-dumped-or-not saga, turns out I was...n't? We don't know. I went to Toronto and when I came back the exact same thing happened, I text messaged, heard nothing for a few days before he sent me an e-mail apologizing for tardiness and saying that things were super hectic at the moment and that he didn't know when we could see each other so he'd just talk to me soon. Fine, whatever. The sole fact that he actually chose to respond was a big boost for my ego. Now as to whether his whole "I'm too busy" line was bs or not, well, who knows? I know things do get really hairy (I mean, hello) but all I'm saying is that one makes time for what one wants to make time for, or at the very least states when one will be less busy. Quoi-ever. I probably won't ever hear from him again but at least he's not on my ever-expanding Asshole list.

So where does this leave me as far as my recently acquired philosophies on sex/dating. Um, I don't know. I think I'm still on the Neither Band Wagon, as while he didn't turn out to be an asshole, it was still largely a huge emotional expenditure for very essentially no result after the fact, and I'M way too busy for that kinda bullshit. I'm staying strong; I've already turned down one potential suitor this week.

I went back to the beginning of my blog and read the posts from the first couple months, largely because I'm an ego maniac, but holy crap, was I funny back then. I gotta return to my roots. Or at least go back to Sushi Ya (April 2005).

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