Sunday, October 02, 2005

You know what I find positively hilarious? Those scenester-hipster-types who refuse to acknowledge that they are not above the societal bombardment of pop culture. Everyone who has any sense of cultural superiority over another demographic does this. - and we all do; it's called taste. Like some hoity-toity guy that wants to reference Ashlee Simpson and knows full well that she is Jessica's sister, has three annoying singles on the radio (one of which he knows the chorus), and fucked up on SNL. But rather than say, "God help us, Ashlee Simpson is in a movie," he chooses instead, "that sister of the girl on that show with the husband, what's-her-name is in a movie." Dude, you are so not fooling anyone. As much as you would love to believe that your little world is air-tight against cultural entities who you deem inferior, it's just really not. Especially not against such blatantly fabricated celebrities such as L'Ashlee. (It's also rather amusing that she genuinely believes herself to be an artist, an innovator. But it's all relative. Most of us had to be content with spewing our adolescent muck at bi-monthly high school coffee houses. She just gets to do that same thing in arenas.)

We all walk around with a Tiger Beat fountain of knowledge; most of us just choose to suppress it. As we should.

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Michael Park said...

Some people have heard lots of information about pop culture, but anything, unless you make a conscious effort, that information can be a little vague. Furthermore, names are difficult to remember, especially when the people are not tangeable. While I know that Ricky Martin sang the vida loca song, and Enrique Iglesius is the son of famed Julio, do not hate me for not knowing the sounds of their voices(although one of them bears a remarkable resemblance to Cher) or the contours of faces, or colour of hair. It is true that we are bombarded with quite a bit of pop trivia info, but people should not be blamed for not cataloguing said info.
And Another Thing! Barbara Streisand and Bette Midler ARE THE SAME FUCKING PERSON. As are Tom Cruise and Tom Jones, and numeous others.