Monday, September 12, 2011

It's kinda crooked, too.

So the other night I got kinda fucked up and invited some dude over for cuddles because evidently I never want to have any sexual relations ever again but still get a bit needy sometimes and we kinda just spooned-snoozed (spnoozed? Whatever) until, like, 1 pm the next day cause when you're not really sleeping you can stay in bed for, like, a long time, y'all. Anyway, as we were waking up (read: finally seeing what he looked like in the light) he was all, "I love your neck; it's so cute," and I was all, "Hey, thanks," but THEN today I standing in front of the mirror and was all, "Oh Em Gee what is wrong with my body?...Oh holy crap, it's my neck." It's, like, seriously skinny. Like gross gross skinny anorexia-of-the-neck skinny neck. So, like, what's that all about? Plus, this is my first post in a really long time so I know all y'all thought it'd be epic or at least funny, but joke's on you, babies, cause other than unemployment and accidentally breaking glassware, there ain't a lot going on up in herrrr.

Fucking neck.


Unity said...

That's sweet that you made this post on my birthday. It will forever be known as the "Unity's 27th Birthday Neck Post." Furthermore, your neck is not anorexic skinny, you're just dumb. Beautiful and wonderful and amazing, but still dumb. When it comes to your neck, that is, nothing else. You're pretty much smarter than me when it comes to EVERYTHING, but on the issue of your neck... You're dumb and I'm smart and you're wrong and I'm right. Kisses!

The Illustrious D said...

skinny McSkinerson
thin thinner paint...fully thinner
skin skin
wee tiny skin
throwing up in a toilet skinny
needs an intervention
lost mah gag reflex skinny nope not choking on cock but my fingers
thinny mckskin skin skinny skin.

Happy birthday!