Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Generalization Observed in Transit

If a woman gets on a bus, streetcar or subway with a baby stroller, chances are good that the child in that stroller was not planned.

If the woman is wearing a sweatshirt, hoodie or otherwise, the chance is doubled.

Times a million if she is wearing hoop earrings with a diameter exceeding 3 inches.

Poor People: Accidentally Procreating Since... Um, Forever.


Pat Tillett said...

Both stupid and hilarious at the same time. I just read it to my wife and daughter, they both cracked up also...

Sandra said...

Did you get my bus picture from today?? In case you couldn't open it or can't tell, yes, that is in fact a photograph of an older, plumper white woman with corn braids. Except, well, she's WHITE, so she therefore doesn't have enough hair to really rock this look. We're talking about eight tiny braids sticking out in every direction, about eight inches long apiece. Some longer. Not. Pretty.

My peanuts-in-the-shell eating older Asian couple with the giggles was pretty cute, though. Ah, the bus!

I have shared this same thought about the stroller people. Also, I can't help but also think wistfully of St. John's, NL, and their transit system's policy of not allowing strollers aboard unless folded. If only.

aw said...

Whatever. Ima totally take my brown baby in a stroller on the bus. And our hoodies will be classy, nay - sassy.

Sandra said...

Yo, update this thing! I miss this blog!

Also, I'm moving to Ethelbert. Just sharing. :)

The Illustrious D said...

YAY! That's awesome news!