Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tonight is the movie date with the Young Portuguese. As previously stated, I'm feeling quite a bit of ambivalence from him; we text for a good part of the day and usually chat a bit before bed (effectively replacing ESLothario, thank the good Lord), yet I haven't seen him since last Tuesday. Also, as a result of some preexisting sexual trust issues on his end, we're currently not gettin' 'er done, reverting to kissing and heavy fondling while we "get to know one another." Granted, this was my suggestion, as I'm not a fan of being with someone who feels the need to take 8.3 consecutive showers after seeding...but still. He assures me that is this has NOTHING (his cap locks, not mine) to do with me and yet this is small comfort when my testicles have turned a shade of blue hithertofore unseen with the human eye and that is now being optioned as the eighth colour of the rainbow (watch yo back, indigo). Consequently, I feel like we're reversing into the Friend Zone. How is that even possible? How did we go from naked hot tubbing to him texting me, "What are the municipal boundaries of Chinatown?" in one month? This has been all too much for my personal M.O. of being attracted to disinterest and so I now find myself way more into him than I'd ever intended to be.

Well-played, my little Iberian hobbit. Well-played.

I do fully realize that my current sentiments will likely be resolved tonight when we hang out, but logic has never played a huge part in my brain's life plan. Besides, it provided fodder for a new post at time when inspiration (read: COMMENTS SECTION) is at an all time low. Your love is my manna, people. Come on.

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Looking forward to hearing about movie night...