Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reader poll: When the guy you were kinda seeing gets weird and distant and you stop talking to one another and then you see that he is now oh-so-whimsically "in a relationship" on Facebook with a female friend of his, would "liking" this on your news feed be too passive aggressive?

There is nothing ickier than being blown off my someone you didn't even like all that much in the first place. I need a chemical peel for my heart/genitals.

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Sandra said...

No, I think it's cutely aggressive! He could either take it as: a) you genuinely liking it (hahaha) - but for real, meaning you don't really give a shit, or b) you being a douche. Which I approve of, either way!

Ugh. Move on. I think I'm in moving-on phase, too. I never really minded J's uber-religiousness, but this morning he posited a new theory which involves this concept: spreading the Gospel cures allergies. For real. He wasn't kidding. I think I'm... kinda done here. :P