Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I look like such a hot mess today that I'm considering firing myself. The work ensemble is a long-sleeve brown polo over a vintage white-, green-, blue- and brown-striped regular polo with dark blue and brown plaid trousers. This is not business casual. I look like an ensemble player from Rent. This is largely due to the fact that I just got back to my apartment last night after house sitting for the last 10 days and am too sick to attempt laundry. That shit is tricky, yo.

My coworker gave me Christmas card today, only to e-mail her apologees two hours later, stating that she written the card "like, a month ago" before she knew I was Jewish. I assured her that I was touched by the thought nevertheless. It's kinda cute that she felt so bad about it. Meh, she's German; we'll call it even.

Thanks to everyone both online and in RL for your best wishes regarding me finally getting some last Wednesday, putting an end to an era I've now affectionally termed The Dust Ball. The lad is young, smallish and Portuguese, and looks not unlike a cross between Eli Roth, Mario Cantone, Fred Savage and Fez. Rather enjoyable, a sentiment he seems to share about me as he came over again on Friday night…and stayed until Monday afternoon. The best part is that we didn't really do anything except watch movies, eat food, hot tub, cuddle and fondle each other. Oh and he made me play Poker Face on the piano in accompaniment to his ringtone followed by his demand that I teach him how to play Do, a Deer. He even stayed over on Sunday when I was already pretty gross with this cold. Is that a sweetheart? I think so. Note to self, though: If you're gonna eat Italian and Indian food all weekend, invest in a toothbrush for the boy, cause by day 2 I was already switching up my breathing patterns to inhale only through my mouth while making out. Corollary: Listerine alone is not enough.

Back to Winnipeg on Thursday, where I plan to do nothing but watch movies, eat food, hot tub, cuddle and fondle myself.

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Sandra said...

It sounds like you looked like a rugby player! :D I lol-ed at the German part, too. I approve of all this eating and fondling, solo or otherwise, and I can't wait to see you! :)