Sunday, November 15, 2009

There are times where we need to do things for our own sanity. Moments where we do not expect to receive what we ultimately wish for but rather just hope to alleviate the pressures self-imposed on our mental health. These pressures can bear down on the soul so hard that they can cause us to make decisions with implications far worse than anything we might do or say to alleviate the pressure, like a tumor deep inside the brain placing dampers on basic rational functions. These are the things we do to guard ourselves, small battles that we forfeit in order to win the war, as we've all lost wars and know that the reparations are far greater than that of one fight. And if the war is indeed worthy of the guns and soldiers and families that you throw into it, these sacrifices will make it all worth while in the end. An overactive mind truly is a battlefield and you've got to be careful when removing mines and keeping your head clear. And one day, if you are smart and self-preserving, you will gaze onto this mineless mind field and feel that it has paid off as the flowers begin to grow again.

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