Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sarah is threatening assault with a semi-automatic weapon so I suppose I should update, lest she gets her Columbine on.

Um, what to say though?

I haven't really been in a blogging mood for the past couple months, most likely because I'm so tired all the time from having to wake up at 5:30 while the big dummies upstairs don't STFU until midnight or later. I write angry mental letters to them nightly. Of course, by the time morning comes, I puss out and continue on until the anger reemerges later that night.

I have a new boyfriend. Well, in my head I do. His name is Jay Brannan and he is that rare combination of beautiful, talented and just as fucked up as I am. Despite having played a model in the movie Shortbus (he's primarily a singer-songwriter) , the man named his last tour the "Fat is a State of Mind, Not a Shape Tour". Be still, my neurotic heart. It's actually to the point where I can't watch him on Youtube because he's too beautiful not to be in my pants.

Who says I'm not a romantic?

Apart from that (and aiming to watch every episode of So You Think You Can Dance?), all I'm doing is preparing to go to Toronto. And by "preparing" I mean watching Chelsea Lately videos and going to the gym every second day. I have this theory that if I just show up in Toronto, then my new life there will just fall into place. Could happen. Afterall, that's kind of how my life in Winnipeg has gone.


We'll see.

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