Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Most amazing quote from my pretend life partner Jay Brannan:

"I always wanted to be bulimic but I have no gag reflex. So pretty much, you can either be skinny or give great head."

Which would you choose? Given that I haven't been to the gym in about 5 days, I'm thinking that proficiency in oral sex is clearly my calling.

Otherwise, not a lot. In Toronto, not having the best day. Job interview yesterday that went well, if a bit Jewy. The guy looked like the photographer from Just Shoot Me in a yamulka. Apartment hunting is not nearly as fun as I thought it would be now that I realize what $900 gets you in this town. To make matters worse, my parents told about this amazing building with a fitness room and rooftop terrace... and rent starting at about $1,200. Why is my dad such a bitch?

Pride was fun, though I had one of those fateful nights that are equally impossible to plan as they are to forget. It was amazement embodied in what I nearly possessed, if you can ever actually own someone. Coming face to face with what I almost had has left me with an emotional hangover, which is resulting in not going out today and eating a lot of cheese. Unfortunately, my aunt and uncle don't eat any cheese that are remotely comforting. Neither a brie nor Camembert in sight. It's hard to get an endorphin rush off of parm reggiano and stoned wheat thins. Entertainment value in a city where you know only a handful of people and like only some of them is rather low. My hetero lifeline is doing a bang up job at being a one person support system, but it's unfair to ask any more of him. I miss the comforts of easy friendships at home, those that know your history, all of your rememberthattime?s.

Only 6 more weeks of this nomadic bullshit.


Michael Park said...

Davey, I think I'm going to come for a visit very soon.
Miss you,

The Illustrious D said...


Sandra said...

Moments like that, and I know them all too well, require - nay, DEMAND good cheese! I am so sorry for your lack! If you're still shopping for cheeses, along with gainful employment and an indoor address of your very own, do let me throw in my vote for aged cheddar. I love a good 3-year. Still properly cheesy, but beginning to get those delicious, tangy, crumbly bits - heaven! I have a strange culinary kink for liking it with slices of some sort of tarter apple. I'm a fan of honeycrisp and pink lady, personally, both of which tend to be available everywhere in the world except Winnipeg, Manitoba. Where aged cheddar also costs the price of a young child's life and isn't half as good as Quebec cheese in the first place. But I'm not complaining. >.>

Sandra said...

You! Update this thing or something! :)