Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Well I suppose I should post as my blog has e-cob webs hanging off of it. I've been busy in delightful ways, mostly a three-night camping excursion with my nearest and dearest, headed by our fearless leader, A (Shout out to mah B-boy, J! Holla)

Good God, am I white.

Camping was extremely awesome as anticipated and any stress due to food costs and inbalance in contributions were quickly forgoten as I spent most of the weekend honing my Rummy and Asshole skills. During a game of the latter, one of us was induced into an uncharacteristic state of silliness. It wasn't really extreme silliness by any manner but rather this was not a person typically accustomed to any silliness and it was extremely refreshing to see a new side of someone you thought you knew fairly well.

This got me thinking about my little clique. There are about ten of us, plus myself, and we all first met twenty months ago. That is about two months of friendship per individual. This is bears mentioning as two months is also the point in any romantic relationship that I have - shockingly - yet to cross. I've never experienced the point after which you're obsessed with the other person and giddy and just want to constantly touch them and learn about them. I believe that is the thresh hold that I am currently crossing with my SofM friends. We've had a really long honeymoon (two academic years) and now is the point at which I am starting to feel different colours: familiarity, occasional annoyance/resentment, kinship, etc. Even in high school, there were very few buddies of the bosom variety that I was close with for more than two years. There's a certain comfort now. And perhaps this is why I am writing another fleekin blog about my friends. I kind don't believe it can last, quite guiltily I might add as the thought floors me like few others. I'll save the stop story about the first half of my life being spent in self-imposed isolation from my peers for another time.

God, I gotta stop this Oprah shit and get back on the chuckles bandwagon. No, seriously, it's true. / Of course it's true. / I never noticed them before...

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