Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sometimes it seems that even though I think I know people and consider them close companions, my existential mentality comes back to bite me on the ass. It isn't that I think that everyone considers me their best friend; just every second person. Naturally, I feel that if there is personal information that has become standard knowledge, I already know about it. It comes as a rude shock on the occasions where I hear brand new information and am met by "Really? You didn't know that?" (This is possibly the most moronic coupling of phrases in the English vernacular. Like, no, of course I did know that, you big dummy; I just wanted to make sure that the duck brain we had implanted in you was still functional")

Inevitably, this second-hand 'old news' offends the ego, who feels that he should be amongst the first to hear about anything that happens in the world...ever. The rational thing would be to assume that your ignorance was due to a lack of relivant topic or appropriate time, instead of say "All my friends are merely secretly tolerating me and are meeting to find ways to legally ship my 11th-wheel-ass to Abu Dahbi."

Man, you know you've had way too much Indian food when you're emotionally channelling Odie.*

*of Garfield**

**by Jim Davis

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jenn! said...

hey hey. just wanted to let you know that my livejournal account is found at so you can check it out if you wish. I haven't posted a lot, and what I have probably makes people think I'm stoned all the time. But whatever. Maybe I am. By the way, tu n'est pas une onzieme roue, and seriously yes the dumbest coupling of phrases ever -- almost crizazy enough to be ABBA lyrics.