Wednesday, December 01, 2010

On seasonal temptation

McStoony is an internet cum real life friend from the prairies who has a pretty face, amazing hair, disproportionately large eyebrows and an ass to match them. It's a good thing he does not live here, as that would inevitably wind up in a predictably unrequited love situation. As it exists, however, he does not and is therefore a lovely friend that I enjoy from afar, primarily on Facebook chat.

Illustrious D: There is something fundamentally unsatisfying about going into a Starbucks around Christmas and ordering a tea.

McStoony: that's because you're supposed to get a eggnog chai latte

ID:I know
But I'm also supposed to not have a fat ass.
Although, let's be real, by the end of this month that fact is just inevitable.

MS: do jews even drink eggnog?

ID: yep
eggnog and manischwewitz
never heard of it?

MS: i'm on my second helping of chinese food... for lunch. fuck my fat life.

ID: fmfl

MS: haha. thanks. fmfl

ID: it's funny cause everybody knows that m is the fattest letter in the alphabet

MS: :'(:'(
it's so true


soft nonsense said...

"ID: it's funny cause everybody knows that m is the fattest letter in the alphabet"

Truer words never spoken...

I think you have the next million dollar idea for a hit website on your hands, my friend.

Boo said...


love it!!!

Pat Tillett said...

This one would make a good video (xtranormal toon) or whatever you call them. Your dialogue is so good.