Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My father needs a proofreader like whoa

Hello parents,

I've attached my summative evaluation from the first practicum for your perusal. In reading this, you may find yourself asking if it was sent with the intention of bragging. The answer to this question is: absolutely correct! I am bragging my ass off! That said, I hope you'll enjoy reading something positive about your eldest and you may chide me later for my braggart ways. However, for the time being, WHOOPIE!!!!!!


OK, Mom hasn't seen this yet but I have just read it and yes, you have every right to be proud of this exceptional evaluation. I am so proud of you for practicing that which has been suggested to you on many occasion......exceed expectations! Indeed you did and then some!! Good on you but don't let it go to your head... now that you have set the bar this high on your first practicum, achieving it again and again will be no easy task. In fact, you probably will not be able to and not for lack of trying but due to other factors not in your control. Whatever happens, always keep trying to do your best and know that you will be one fine 'teacher in an honourable profession. Carpe Diem tous les jours!! Love 'ya! Dad

Way to keep me humble, Daddy.


Tocalabocina said...

My mother gave me an old family album the other day along with the statement "you can show your kids someday....er...well...your dogs, or whatever."

I've decided that in order to pay her back I will not speak to her for a few years, borrow a kid, take pictures with it, and send them in a Christmas card addressed to "Grandpa and Karen."

That seems a fitting punishment.

Pat Tillett said...

Parents just seem to have a way of saying the WRONG thing... I'm sure I've done it also...

Katherine! It's been a long time. Hope you are doing well...

Sorry for talking to someone else in your comment D, but she's one of my old favorites.