Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shit My Dad Says: Crazy Hungarian Edition

Illustrious D: Ugh, that guy has total gay face.
Crazy Hungarian Fajhah: What's gay face?
ID: When a gay guy has facial features that are extremely feminine.
CHF: Oh, like with you and your hips?

CHF: Goddamnit! You boys need to stop being so hung up about sex! If you want to have people sleepover, just do it and don't be embarrassed! You get that from your mother's side. It's no big deal! I used to see my sister naked all the time.

ID: Dad, soup smells great! Did you put sausage in it?
CHF: Nope, best hot dogs money can buy.

CHF: You call those oysters? I've picked boogers bigger than those.

CHF: Look at Mr. Money Bags, spending $30 on a haircut. Guess how much mine costs. Twelve dollars and Ernesto does a great job. Actually, he raised it to thirteen. We're gonna have words.

CHF: Did that friend of yours put on a bit of weight? It looks great on her. Nothing wrong with a little something to grab, right honey?

CHF: Do you take half and half in your coffee? I can make it creamy for you.


Michael Park said...

I love the things your dad says!

Pat Tillett said...

"I used to see my sister naked all the time."

thanks classic...
He sounds like a real character.

Sandra said...

LOL! I was waiting for "has anyone seen my eyebrows?", but this list totally topped eyebrows, or the lack thereof!

Jonny said...

Simply the best :) Your dad continues to amaze me!

deener said...

Hot dogs in soup! Your father is a genius!

But the whole thing of paying $12 for a haircut? Hmmm... that man be crazy.