Friday, July 09, 2010

A new bodily goo for me to swallow

Have you ever felt some tickling the inside of your nostril, presumably a booger in some form or another (fossilized, goo, etc.) and so you sniff really super hard but then that little flap separating your nasal passage from your throat doesn't have time to close so the booger passes through it and suddenly you're wondering what morsel of food just dislodged from your back molar and is drain-circling your throat when you realize that - omagad - it's the booger and so you hork it up really loudly and you taste it and then for a moment it reminds you of eating boogers as a kid and how much fun it was so you try to eat it but then you're all "Um, I'm eating a booger right now," but you can't really stop booger-eating so you just kind of swallow it?



My promised ABBA-ductee reinterpretation is still being created. So far I've done 10 MS Paint drawings. I'm quickly coming to hate this project. But I will percevere for you people. Goes I'm a giver. Just not the Lois Lowry kind.


Shrinky said...

I needed to read this. Thank Christ and Sweet Baby Jesus I'm not alone in this world. Isn't it amazing the belly fluff-type thoughts which kidnaps the mind, just as you dutifully settle down to write a fresh post?

And for the record, I was always a flicker, never (well, only once, but that was only under severe duress) an eater of booger's..

The Illustrious D said...

Was? WAS? I don't think so, buddy. Once a flicker, always a flicker.

Unless you meant Flicka, in which case once a Flicka, eventurally Elmer's.