Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Gertrude Stein-loving U of W amigo has started his own blog ( where you can read about his current adventures in going through a second hormonal puberty. It's really rather fascinating, to the point that I may be even subconsciously empathizing with it. Granted, I'm not going through any physiological changes or gender questioning myself, but I feel 17 again. Perhaps it's this raw-food-vegan cleanse thing that I'm doing for a month, but I feel like my energies' tectonic plates have completely shifted leading to a million little earthquakes every day. I'm thinking about sex totally differently. Hell, I'm looking at people totally differently. I always deemed myself far too "mature" for those hormonal horn-dog impulses experienced in young adulthood, but perhaps it was that I was ironically immature, and now... Well now it seems like I could have a good time with that potted fern over there. Hey, how you doin'?

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Claustrophobos said...

Hey Dude, since you're page's links section is still set to your template's default, you should totally put a permenant link to my blog on your sidebar. It's liberating!