Monday, September 05, 2005

Da bitch is back wit a summer recap

Now that the summer is nearly over, I need some time to reflect on the past couple months and how so much of it went horribly, horribly wrong. 'Wrong' not being necessarily negative, just not as planned.

The Fringe went off very well as far as the staff was concerned. If any of you S of M-ers remember Michael and Andrew's acquaintance, H, with her voice 'loud and strident', well, I had the supreme pleasure of working with her this summer. As in the past, I found myself once again on the divine end of an angel-devil spectrum. Our supervisor LOVES me (note present tense - we're doing coffee this week) and would regularily bring me into her little office space to bitch about how ineffectual our coworker was. While I was happy to be well-liked (as I'm sure most people are), I was by no means pleased by H's lack of work ethic as it just meant more sheehat for us to pick up. Whatever. It's over. I'll be back next year. She won't.

Otherwise the Fringe was same-old-same-old: senior citizens bitching the Starbucks brewed the (free!) coffee too strong, careworkers for our developmentally delayed volunteers dicking off, a constant struggle to explain why our volunteers only got X amount of benefits and not X+amillionotherthings, etc, etc. *sigh* I love it. And I'm so part of the team now; lsat year I was kind of the student who didn't know that much, and while everyone seemed to like me, I still felt like I was working for them. This year it fel like I was working with them, which made all the difference in the world.

Folklorama started the day after Fringe ended which, pour moi, meant getting out of the last show at 12:45am and being at the site of the Israeli pavillion nay 10 hours later for an all day rehearsal the bled into performances at 6:45, 8:15, and 9:45. The entire week was kind of one big pain in the ass with personal and political tensions running high for me. The artistic director also informed me that I'm in the budget for next year which translates into a co-director position, something I've been gunning for for quite some time now but not for the normal reasons. For most, a senior position is a symbol of the work they have put in, their experience, and the fact that they are the post qualified for the position. I acknowledge that I may count these among the reasons I'm happy for the post but they by no means comprise the overall satisfaction. That would be the chance to take a group that has so much potential that it's leaking out of their asses and actually make music with said anal leakage. So instead of simply immitating what we hear on a tape, I'm going to try to turn us into a group of musicians, as far as I can with 4 hours of rehearsal time a week. I just hope that political tensions will subside once this is all announced and that we can get on with being more than we are.

I'm tired, so let's call this Part I to the summer recap, shall we?

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Andrew said...

Huzzah! Return of the blog! I await further entries with bated breath.
Hyperbole is my best friend.

Seriously though, glad to see you back at it. :-D