Monday, June 20, 2005

This has been something of a mad week. I played foreman while supervising the painting of my room by my brother and his friend. Yes, they got paid, and yes, I'm kinda lazy, but you know what? I have far more important things to do than stand around for three evenings doing something I hate, so I feel justified. In any case, the room is spectacular. THe walls are a lush crimson red, and the secondary accent colours are black and gold. And I say that with the most masculine voice I can muster. It's seriously hot shit.

I started work with the Fringe again, and it was so freakin' good, I can't even say. It's been an entire year since I've been in a job where I genuinely felt needed, cause the government is just one big chorus. One big tone - deaf chorus. By the way, I came across a file the other day for which was the name was Redneck Farms. It's right on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border. I love it.

I'm also having a very flash-back-to-high-school week. My best friend is in from Vancouver. (Whoever came up with the term 'best friend' really just hated humanity, because it's such a final term. It's not like she's my ONLY best friend. She's more the best friend in her category. We should really categorize our friends, hey?) Plus I spent Friday night in a small room with all of my former high school friends and it was spooky. Mostly cause there was about three of them that I actually feel anything more than ick for, and while it's like, a LOT more than ick, there was still a hella amount of ick in that room. And smoke. Cause apparently everyone smokes. Or at least enough people to make a small room seem hot boxed with carcinogens.

Lastly, I've discovered the defining difference between folk music and other genres of popular msic such as rock or rap. The latter two deal mostly with telling a story through instants - This happened, then that happened. They deal with emotions on a very superficial extreme level - I love you, I'm happy, I...hate...everything about you. Folk will tell stories by painting pictures with words of the settings, not of the events taking place. For example, a hip hop song will say, "An' den she wuz shot down in da ghetto" whereas a folk song will say, "the onlookers stared as the girl watched the ambulance pull away". Much more subtlety, poetry. And this is also how folk expresses emotions, not by outright saying, "I'm feeling..." but rather telling a narative to depict their feelings.

I saw a really powerful movie this weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Smith. No, kidding, although I did see that too, and it was pretty damn good. I would so do Angelina and that's not even queer boy talking all big. That's for real. No, I saw Bent, which was about these two concentration camp prisoners that become lovers without ever touching or really making eye contact. Their 'job' in the work camp is to move rocks from one pile to another about 10 metres away and every hour they get a three minute break. During one of these breaks, they make love purely by standing side by side, looking straight head, and essentially having aural sex. It's unreal.

And for those of you who are thinking, "How do they do that if they're side by side, and the guards are watching an man, and his spelling sure sucks," please stop reading this. Your kind is not welcome here.

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