Monday, June 20, 2005

A potentially offensive blog entry

Do you ever think, "Hey, um, am I big racist?"

I was at Zeller's this eve fetching wall tack to hang some of the fine prints I have amassed, and when I got to the line there was this black couple arguing with the check-out madame about the discount on conditioner or something. Now these were middle of the road, over-weight, not-overly educated people, these assumptions from sweeping generalization in regards to their verbal and physical communications, and well, my eyes. It wasn't like I thought any particularily racial thoughts, like, "Oh black people, just hurry up!" but I thought perhaps I was annoyed because subconsciously I resented them.

Then I began pondering my views on other aspects of the non-caucasian minorities...or rather majorities, cause if those kids ever got it in their heads to bring us down, we'd be dead. Anyway, so I thought about the stereotypical drunk native downtown, and the G'ed out ghetto superstars with their skull caps and their ebonics, and I was like, "Oh God! They all annoy me! I'm Hitler!" And that's a pretty big statement for a guy that come next Holocaust is donning a pink star.

But wait! Then I thought, "Ok, so I'm Satan, but what if it was white people acting like that?" And I thought about drunk white people down town, and white guys preaching mysogeny and bad fashion sense, and lastly I thought about white, chubby people arguing about Pears Conditioner and it hit me - I hate them too! Well, not hate, but they bug me. So I'm not a racist; I am pissed off by all dumbasses! Black, white, asian, native, straight, queer, stupid, or just plain moronic.

Pink star, here I come!

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