Monday, December 12, 2011

Know what's ridiculous?

Keeping your shoes on just in case the guy you had coffee with a few hours ago spontaneously calls up and wants to hang out.

Know who's ridiculous? This guy.


Jonny Talbot said...

That's pretty crazy bro. What you have to do now is sleep with your shoes and maybe even shower with them on... just in case. You never know when he'll call :P

Sandra said...

I actually LOL-ed at that, Jonny!!

dccised said...

I do that. God help us.

Sandra said...

Dear D,

Two things:

1) I'm sorry I somehow didn't see more of you over the holidays! Wtf. Apparently doing a recital halfway through your two weeks off and then having Christmas and two family bdays eats all your time. Still. I'm sorry!

2) Update your blog! Please. :)