Saturday, January 01, 2011

It's not all fun and racism over here at Fleekin Floygn

Where to start, where to start?

With the last week of classes, so ripe with cheer and social occasions with fellow students that I almost felt normal, almost felt 'Winnipeg', again?

With the week spent in Winnipeg, seeing so many friendly acquaintances and so few friends, the latter having fallen to the wayside by means of argument or silence?

With the minimum five cups of coffee I drank daily while there, owing to all the breakfasts and Starbucks chats, which really just jacked me up so much that I didn't know whether to be elated or irritable?*

With the Mennonite stranger I saw more than anyone else simply because I didn't have enough to do and neither did he?

With the hot chocolate mix and box of Bailey's-infused chocolates** I received from a close friend, having purchased for her everything on her list, including clothing, a teddy bear and a Snuggie, and how petty I felt about caring yet at the same acknowledging that bitch shoulda stepped it up a notch?

With the lovely surprise of a two-day house guest once I returned, thanks to a canceled bus reservation, and who breathed fresh energy into what I'm sure would have been a very bleak and lonely weekend?

With the bleak and lonely week that has followed, during which I left the house exactly 5 times, each time fewer than three hours long, and spent the remaining time in pajamas slowly lulling myself into a state of depression not seen for nearly a year?***

With the simultaneous gladness for and madness due to the silence that comes with a roommate-less house, leading to the radio being on nearly constantly and me actually petting my dickface of a cat**** just to feel that the solitude is manageable?

With New Years Eve, spent with a quasi-friend who really just wants to hit this *points to self-loathed body*, drinking vodka, eating bad Chinese food and watching eight episodes of Family Guy?

With the monthly massages I've been treating myself to just so I can be touched?*****

With, in true drama queen fashion, how I told a friend today that 2010 was the worst year to date and then spent the first day of 2011 not doing a thing to make it different?

*I was almost exclusively the latter.

**I hate Bailey's, and don't give me no guff about it, neither.

***Maybe I have that seasonal affective bullcrap.

****It has been the best week of his life.

*****Yep, it's been that long.

Happy New Year, people.

Also, I shaved my head:


Sandra said...

I really like you. Really. Very much. :)

**** was my favourite footnote, just so you know. Your dickface of a cat, hahaha! Your Bailey's friend kinda really sucks a lot. And I'm so happy that I saw you. And that we didn't have coffee together. The night I saw you marked the first major turnaround in my shittiest week of the year, which traditionally falls the week after Christmas, not the week before. You kicked off the salvation of that last week of December, which turned out to be really quite quite good. Thank you for that. I only wish your last week of 2010 had been as much improved as mine was. I know that last-week-of-the-year shit and it's not pretty. I'm sorry.

I hope your cat is less of a dickface. And I still like you better with no hair. Like, not YOU, but your head/face/you know what I mean. :)

soft nonsense said...

Actually, I'm digging the baldness. Whereas my head would only be pale and lumpy, you look surprisingly fly.

"Spent the first day of 2011 not doing a thing to make it different."

Know that feeling...

dccised said...

if this isn't you, i don't know anything anymore.

Pat Tillett said...

"drinking vodka and eating bad chinese food." That made me bring up a little stomach acid... But your bald dome did not! It does make you look pretty damn serious though...
Maybe you'll get out of your funk when the weather improves.

Sandra said...

Ha! Comment #5 for the win! Spam fail, lol!

In other news, I came by to prod you for an update. Entertain meeee! :)